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We live in an age of satellite TV with over 500 channels. Among them, channels catering to fans of nearly every sport, recreation, plus networks for women, men and children. There’s a Military Channel, a Biography Channel, a NASA Channel and a History Channel. Of course, there’s a few Science Channels.

Let’s say you’re a program director and your new network’s theme is of a prehistoric nature. You’re left with how much dinosaur documentaries could fill up a 12 to 24 hour network’s schedule. Call it The Pre-History Channel. It’s safe to say, outside of any new shows, you would have only around 15 hours average each decade. This doesn’t include any series but inclusive of those, you‘d likely only have a week‘s worth of shows to rotate.

The simple lack of enough material would tempt program directors to pad out the days with airings of stop-motion movies of yore such as One Million Years B.C. or man in dino suits of The Land That Time Forgot, since semi-accurate recent CGI-based movies like the Jurassic Park series or the BBC’s The Lost World, are still outnumbered by half a century’s worth of outdated science represented in film.

Until now, despite a bevy of books and sites on dinosaur species, movies and even general literature, no one has sufficiently catalogued or reviewed all the programs available to enthusiasts and students of paleontology. I will be reviewing new programs during the next decade and adding in old ones as I have time. Until then, thanks for visiting and enjoy the primordial oohs and awes of sauropods, theropods, ornithopods and occasional tripods.  

Note: This site (=my collection of over 600 individual documentaries) does not cover many foreign releases, mammoth or hominid videos, Loch Ness, or any of the wave of videos by Creationists challenging the facts of evolution.


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